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BizSolutions provides professional integration and reporting services for healthcare organizations. In particular, practices using Vitera Intergy, Medical Manager, and Practice Analytics. Our interfaces include integration with state and national registries, Health Information Exchanges (HIE), ERP/accounting software, and government agencies.

Consulting Services

Business Intelligence/Analytics

  • Data modeling using entity relationships and business processes

  • Document business definitions and business rules

  • Performance Management that allows organizations to easily monitor performance goals utilizing dashboards and scorecards

  • Reporting and Analytics which allow for drill-down and explore trends for executive decision making

  • Data warehousing using information from multiple sources to create a trusted and centrally managed data source

Workflow Automation

  • Eliminate paperwork and spreadsheet data entry

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy of data workflow

  • Develop custom software to “fill the gaps” between disparate systems to improve your work processes

System Integration

  • HL7 Integration services

  • Connect with State and National Registries

  • Integrate Practice Management systems with Accounting systems including our automated General Ledger load from Vitera Intergy to Peoplesoft Accounting System

EHR Selection and Implementation

  • Assess your Practice readiness

  • Plan your Approach

  • Select or Upgrade to a Certified EHR

  • Conduct Training and Implement and EHR System

  • Achieve Meaningful Use

  • Continue Quality Improvement

Registry Interfaces

A registry is an organized system for the collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, and dissemination of information on individual persons who have either a particular disease, a condition (e.g., a risk factor) that predisposes to the occurrence of a health-related event, or prior exposure to substances (or circumstances) known or suspected to cause adverse health effects.

Many government agencies and certification boards require providers to submit healthcare information from their practice management and Electronic Healthcare Records system to registries for compliance or certification. The submission format can change for different registries and is often controlled at the State level.

BizSolutions can provide custom registry interfaces from different Practice Management and EHR systems. We have created interfaces to immunization registries, ambulatory reporting registries, and controlled substance registries among others.

Custom Reporting

Healthcare organizations nationwide trust BizSolutions Business Analytics services to help them drive operational efficiencies and reduce costs, improve the quality of care they deliver and support innovative clinical research. BizSolutions utilizes the latest Crystal Reports Business Intelligence solutions and Dashboards to:

  • Improve operational process efficiency and drive cost reduction through enterprise planning, forecasting, and budgeting; service line analysis; and revenue cycle optimization

  • Provide actionable insight (event driven, exception based, consolidated) to improve efficiency and reduce cost

  • Improve quality, safety, risk and outcomes through monitoring of key performance indicators aligned to operational objectives and metrics

  • Promote market competitiveness through referral analysis, transparency reporting and patient/consumer/member satisfaction monitoring

  • Leverage their investments in legacy financial and clinical transactional systems

Accounting Interfaces

Healthcare collections are complicated by the fact that many systems need to be in balance. These systems include practice management systems such as Vitera Intergy, Accounting Systems, and Banking systems. Often the balancing of these systems requires manual data entry into redundant spreadsheets which is time intensive and prone to errors.

Open Database Connection (ODBC) drivers and input capabilities are provided for most commercial accounting packages. BizSolutions can provide integration procedures that can streamline you accounting processes saving you time and money.


What Florida Medical Clinic says about us


“The State of Florida requires specific data reporting by quarter for all surgery centers.

Florida Medical Clinic had significant issues trying to meet this data reporting requirement once we moved from The Medical Manager software to the Intergy platform. We were seriously delinquent in providing the correct format to the State of Florida. FMC hired Andy Elwell with BizSolutions to provide an easy to use format for the AHCA reporting.

Within in a short amount (less than 2 months) of time, the program was provided, tested and FMC was able to quickly move to full compliance for the required reporting for both surgery centers.

I have been very satisfied with the work provided to FMC by BizSolutions.”

Teresa DuBose
Director of Information Technology
Florida Medical Clinic, P.A.


What Sarasota Memorial Health Care System says about us

“The Intergy to Peoplesoft Accounting System interface (by BizSolutions) has saved time in the finance department with a monthly automated journal entry load, and has also allowed us to provide greater detail for analysis in our general ledger and financial reports correlating revenue dollars with encounters by major payer”.

“This information is extremely helpful when conducting profitability and variance analyses, and now we don’t have to dive into Intergy data to do that.”

Don Stitt
Director of Finance
Sarasota Memorial Health Care System



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