Indian Health Service Center Submission System
Ambulatory Service Center Reporting System
Downtime Reporting System


Indian Health Service Center Submission System

Indian Health Service Centers are required to submit population reports of patients and encounters to receive government grants. The only way to submit the reports which also contain unique patient information such as tribe and residence codes was using the Practice Management and EHR system designed by the government called the Resource Patient Management System (RPMS).

Recently IHS opened up a new channel for the IHS Health Centers to submit the reports to the National Data Warehouse (NDW) using an HL7 interface. BizSolutions developed an interface which submits the HL7 files to the IHS National Data Warehouse (NDW) from Vitera Intergy. This system is the first and only commercial PMS/EHR that has this capability providing a unique opportunity for Vitera Channel Partners.


  • Completely paperless practice management and Electronic Medical Records system
  • Increased revenues from 3rd party collections
  • Increased revenues from corrected provider coding
  • Full tracking of Contract Health referrals
  • Submission of data for User Population reports
  • Submission of data for GPRA reports
  • Submission of data for FQHC reports
  • Independence and control of your practice


  • Specific Reporting which allows for “data scrubbing” where users can correct errors before IHS submission providing maximum reimbursement the first time
  • The submission files are created easily with the “push of a button” which pull the information directly from the Intergy Database or Practice Analytics
  • Application can run without special Client software and can be utilized across the network using common Internet browsers

Ambulatory Service Center Reporting System

Many states require that Ambulatory Service Centers submit quarterly reporting of patient and encounter information to the government in a structured format. These states include Florida, Oregon, Illinois, Montana, Idaho, West Virginia, and Kentucky among others. The BizSolutions ASC Reporting System allows Ambulatory Surgery Centers to submit the required information to AHCA and other reporting registries in an efficient and timely manner. Compliance avoids costly government fines or center shutdowns.


  • Worry-Free ASC submission of Ambulatory Service Center required information to government agencies in your state
  • Utilize the latest technology to efficiently create and submit the information in a simple and easy to understand process
  • Review reports before submission to ensure accuracy of the information


  • Reports target specific requirements by AHCA which can cause encounter rejection by governmental registries
  • The files are created easily using the unique format required for the providers State registry
  • Application can run without special Client software and can be utilized across the network using common Internet browsers

Downtime Reporting System

Is your practice prepared for downtime? Do you have a plan in place?

There are times when your hardware or software can fail or your practice can experience scheduled or unscheduled downtime. BizSolutions provides a simple, secure, and inexpensive solution for this critical situation: the BizSolutions Downtime Reporting System.

During downtime it is critical that key personnel have access to patient information making it essential to have a plan in place for these situations. BizSolutions DRS can work across multiple locations and provides appointment and clinical information for each provider at each location. This ensures business continuity in the event of downtime.


  • Easy to Setup – Provides for Security and data access in a simple way to administrators and end-users.
  • Multiple Locations – Can be used by provider groups that work at multiple locations. Adding a new location is as easy as adding an entry to a list.
  • Provider Confidence – Providers can be sure that any downtime will not affect their patients or their care
  • Centralized Maintenance – Administration of system is centralized which provides for ease of use even with a large number of locations
  • Total Reliability – Sustain access to critical data 100% of the time, even during a network outage!


  • Patient reporting in an easy to understand format where each provider gets their appointment schedule followed by the Patient Information for the patients with appointments
  • Seamless integration with Vitera Intergy Electronic Health Records Systems
  • Secure report distribution which only allows approved personnel to view the information
  • Automated nightly distribution which creates logs and sends an e-mail to designated user for total reliability



What Bearskin Health Clinic says about us

"Everything that BizSolutions has promised us on this interface is working very well for us. It has been a real challenge for us to try to reach the capability to submit our data in the proper format that is required by the Data Warehouse in Albuquerque. Due to this new interface, we will now be able to submit our data in the required IHS HL7 format. We are very pleased here at the Bearskin Health Clinic."

Karen Duderstadt
Business Services Manager
Bearskin Health Clinic


What Northwest Gastroenterology Clinic says about us

"BizSolutions was hired by NW Gastroenterology to develop a system which submits required Ambulatory Service Center data to the State of Oregon from the Practice Analytics database. The implementation was successful and the data was submitted on time! NW Gastroenterology is pleased that we are able to continue using Intergy for their ASC billing and not have to move to another system."

Heidi Hoxsie
Practice Administrator
Northwest Gastroenterology Clinic
NGC Endoscopy Services, LLC



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